A Few Small Fish



A Few Small Fish (Mark 6:30-44, 8:1-13)

Hard to Enter (Mark 10:17-34)

You're Looking at Them (Mark 8:33)

Go Down There (Eph. 2:11-22)

More (Mark 6:37-44)

Little Things (Mark 10:13-16, 11:1-10)

Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52)

Voice in the Wilderness (John 1:19-34, Matt. 11:1-11)

Still a Man (1 Cor. 3)

You Know Who I Am (Mark 9:25, John 21:22)

What Loving Others Means (Mark 12:28-34, Matt. 25:40)

A Few Small Fish (the ministry album)  - in the title track bothe the bread and the fish are offered to the masses.  In these eleven songs I explore what it might have felt like to be the broken bread, what it sometimes feels like and means to be both passing out the bread and to be the few small fish offered up.  Engaging in ministry - serving - offering yourself up for those you are serving. 

This album was my first.   We had few resources at our disposal and recorded it in what was an equivalent of a very humble home studio.  And yet, in my heart, though it was first, it is really the culmination of the “Trilogy”.  Calling and transformation leads to serving and giving of ourselves.  It may be that one day I can re-record it with the quality I feel like it deserves, but I like to think that it is, like its name (and its title track), a few small fish, offered up as is and transformed into enough for those the Lord wants to speak to through it. 

In the future I plan to add lyric videos for each song with some background on each song and how I was responding to what I was reading in Scripture when I wrote it. 

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It makes sense that serving would be a major theme in my songs because it's such a big part of our lives.  It has determined the course of our lives.  It permeates everything.  Every relationship we have is someone we should be serving in some way, at some time.

Often those same people are also serving us.  Or will serve us later.  For example, at first we serve children exclusively, later it balances out, and in the end they serve us when we are older. 

That's not why we serve others, though. We don't do it so that they will serve us in return.  Sometimes they won't, or can't.  You may serve someone who never serves you in any way.  Maybe you pray one prayer for that person.  Or maybe you do something or a lot of things for them.  You may even pour your life out for him, or give your life for her.  They may know - or they may not know.  Maybe they'll never know. 

But it doesn't matter.  You give your life; you serve other people, because that's what love is.  That's what love does.  If you don't serve, it's possible you don't really love.

A Few Small Fish is about loving like this.  Loving that prompts us to give what we can, what we have, even when it means giving it all.  Never losing sight of the fact that Jesus is the only one who ever really did. 

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