After Six Days Jesus led them up on the mountain and was transformed before them, giving them, and us, a glimpse and a taste of who He really is and the glory to come, and with that, a glimpse of the possibilities of our own transformation.  In part, that process is at work in each one of us even now.  These ten songs are my response to that process in my life, as well as to the Scripture I was reading, at the time that I wrote them.  

While each song stands alone, and can be listened to separately each with a story of its own, each of these three albums are  designed to tell a bigger story.  After Six Days is the story of transformation.  Before it had a name, my husband and I would refer to this as “the transformation album”.  If you are able, I recommend you listen to the album from the beginning “Living Stones” to the last song “Rise”.  If you are only able to listen to one, then I recommend “I Am Just a Woman”.  More about the album After Six Days.  

I am excited for you to hear the songs.  I am really excited that After Six Days (the transformation album) is finally ready to be released.   For various reasons this album has been in a state of “almost finished” for almost ten years.  Naturally it's a good feeling to finally be done with it and be able to share it with you. In addition, though, it feels great to be finishing it because with it is the completion of what my husband and I have always thought of as “the trilogy”: the ministry album, the calling album, and the transformation album, now known as: A Few Small Fish, The Calling of a Priest, and After Six Days.  As you can guess, in addition to the songs being meant to be heard on each album and in the order they are arranged in, the albums are also meant to go together.  Together, they tell a bigger story. 

The Rest of the "Trilogy"

The Calling of a Priest (the calling album) begins with my response to the passage where Jesus is calling Matthew (Levi), the tax collector.  My understanding of the calling and the callm and my response to it,  begins here  with my own place or moment of realising that He is calling me and what that means and will mean and cost - both me and Him. Ten songs express my response to the call - His own calling as our High Priest, the call that He issues to us and the moment of that call, and His calling on our lives, including the call for us to be part of His royal priesthood.  More about the album The Calling of a Priest.  

A Few Small Fish - the “ministry” album, is the first album we recorded, but in my heart in many ways it is actually a culmination rather than a beginning.  In the title track, A Few Small Fish, my response to the multiplying of the loaves of bread and the fish, both the bread and the fish are offered to the masses.  In eleven songs I respond to what it is like or might be like to be passing out the bread and the fish, and to be the bread and the fish offered up.  More about A Few Small Fish. 

Christmas Single - Christmas Is Wherever You Are