The Calling of a Priest - video and lyrics

I am a cheat

I have cheated men,

I have cheated You

and I have cheated me.

I spend my time trying to see

what I can get out of those

who have to come and stand before me

and You're standing before me now.

And there is something I can get from You

but it's going to cost me everything else

that I've worked to make of myself

all this time.

You're standing before me now

last one I ever expected to see here

all these years of making myself into what I am

And it all doesn't seem so much somehow

with You standing here before me now.


And You say come, and I will come

I will sweep all of these other things away.

And You say follow, and I will follow

I will follow You to the very end of my days

Though I don't know just where it will lead me

It won't lead me anywhere easy

But I know that I must have what You have to give

And I know that I'll lose everything to gain it

But everything doesn't seem like so much anymore

With You standing here before me.

by Michele Womble


The pictures in the video were taken in Novosibirsk or the Novosibirsk area in the fall.  From them you can get a feel for Siberia in autumn.  

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