Hi, I'm Michele Womble.  I share my journey into deeper relationship with God in prose, poetry, and song, and along the way invite you to also plunge in to deeper intimacy with Him.  

My son was behind the camera for this picture.  As he took the picture he asked me “What are you looking at right now?”   I answered, “Jesus coming.”  He asked “Do you see Him yet?” and I said, “Yes, I see Him.”  

I see Him, more and more with each passing day, with the eyes of my heart.  May that be true all the rest of my days. 

I wrote the following around ten years ago.  My children are adults.  I no longer live in Siberia, though it, like my children,  has left its fingerprints all over me.  I leave it here,  because it's somewhat whimsical and - I like it.



I wanted to be a lot of things growing up.  I wanted to fly, to run, to sing and write.  From early childhood I wanted to learn other languages.  I also wanted to be part of things - I wanted to climb inside of sunsets.  I wanted somehow to be part of the beauty of the light flickering on the water.  I wanted to touch God.

What I am now is a mom and wife, living in Siberia.  What I want is to climb into my children's hearts, and into the beauty of the moonlight glistening on the snow.

I've learned another language and then some. But I've also learned that communicating is more than language, more than grammar and vocabulary. It is a mystery.

I fly a lot - back and forth between Russia and America, which isn't exactly what I had in mind but does show that God has a sense of humor and has a way of turning the things that we think we want into the things that we realize we really did want after all.

I still love to run, and I run as much as I can.  But my life situation isn't always ideal for regular running.  Growing up, that would have been a tragedy.  But now - I know that it's not a real tragedy.  When I can, I do; when I can't - well, there are other happinesses.

I still love to write and sing.  Time and Siberia haven't changed that too much - unless to make it stronger, and give me more to want to write and sing about. 

I've lived in Siberia for almost twenty years.  Twenty years ago that would have seemed like a long time to me.  Now - it seems like nothing.

Have I touched God?  In some ways.  And in some ways, I haven't yet.  Or I'm just beginning to "touch the surface".

But He has touched me.  And it turns out, that, too, is what I really wanted all along.  For now it's enough.  More than enough.  It's incredible.  I realize that He has given me the desires of my heart - although not in the way I expected or imagined twenty something years ago.  He has let me be part of something beautiful - although not the sunset and not the moonlight glistening on the snow.  And I find that my heart can fly, after all.


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